They talk about us

“The Visible is invisible” is regularly put forward by the print, Radio or television and we are proud of it. We are also very proud to have many positive reviews from our customers on Trip Advisor and Facebook as well as rewards from our customers or professionals. Here are some excerpts from all the attentions that fill us with joy.

Blog’s tribute

Carolyn from the blog perfectly Provence came to our tour and did an interview of Frédéric Paul the founder of “Le visible est invisble” tours. You can read it HERE

 Ashley Tinker came to a tour to see the invisible details of Aix-en-Provence and enjoyed it as you can read HERE

Roots and Wings of April 13, 2016

The guided tours of Aix-en-Provence from “The Visible is invisible” were put to the spotlight in the show “Roots and Wings” which invited Frédéric Paul to present the city in a superb report. You will see the Saint-Sauveur Cathedral, the rue Esquiche-Elbow, the town Hall Square and the Cours Mirabeau,…

La Maison France 5 of December 16, 2016

During his visit to the city of Aix-en-Provence, the show “La Maison France 5” invited Frédéric Paul Guide to the “visible is invisible” to present to the animator Stéphane Thébaut the District Mazarin. A very nice exchange about this residential area of the XVII century and its founder… Which is not necessarily the one you believe.

Midi in France from 27 October 2014

The very first passage in a television program of Frédéric Paul was in 2014 to speak in the show “Midi in France” of an indispensable place of Aix-en-Provence: the Cours Mirabeau!

He delivers some of the anecdotes that punctuate the life of this symbolic artery of the city.