Guided tours in Marseille

Marseille Capital of the south, Marseille city with multiple facets and multiple colors, Marseille inspiring which has been the cradle of so many stories and history.
<style="text-align: justify;"="">From the top of the "good mother" more than 2600 years of history contemplate you.</style="text-align:> To visit Marseille is to visit the oldest city in France. A Gallic, Greek and Roman tour, Marseille is a daughter of the Mediterranean. Multilingual, multicultural, it is multiple. Nicknamed the City at 101 district, it is rather 101 villages, 101 faces that can be seen in the city. Polymorphic but still a single identity, almost a nationality Marseillaise.
<style="text-align: justify;"="">The accent that sings from the old Port to the Goudes, tells us the history and the stories that made the city.</style="text-align:> And the stories, the Marseille people like to tell them.
<style="text-align: justify;"="">Marseille will enchant you with its diversity and dynamism.</style="text-align:> Feel free to visit Notre-Dame-de-la-garde basilica or the Friuli archipelago in addition to your visit


What has not been written and said about the city Marseille? Still, she's keeping secrets from us. Take a guided tour of Marseille around the old harbour and the shopping cart it is entering the ancient heart of the city, in its medieval streets, in its intimacy. Marseille discovers itself, reveals itself and offers itself… A little.
Follow me in search of hidden details and yet so visible that our eyes no longer see them. We will discuss the history of the city, its traditions and its legends in a playful and funny way. You can see the old Port, the old charity, the MuCEM and learn more about the stories and galléjades of Marseille.

Group or private visit by appointment, rate on request (contact us)