About me

who am i ?

Who am I ? The question is existential since man is man, and the world began ... Telling I'm Frederic PAUL is already an answer but it is not sufficient.
Passionate about art history, history, architecture and curious by nature, eyes and nose in the air I'm looking for the old stones, even with the risk of bumping me. I must say that the city is filled of old stones. Then I look for the why and how, I want to nitpick the end of the story and know the stories that marred the city and made ​​it what it is. And I made ​​up my mind to make you explore the city as you've never seen.
This desire to share my passion through visits occurred to me when I was younger in Toulon to show my friends who came to visit me. But it's Aix I wanted to discover and make available to visit the largest number in the first place.

I would be glad that you also follow my steps on the path of the invisible.

Simona Delbene

Simona Delbene est née en Sardaigne, elle vous captivera de son accent chantant et vous racontera la ville avec plaisir. Car Simona aime raconter des histoires !
Accompagnatrice touristique diplômée de l’istituto Dante Alighieri de Florence en 2007 après une maitrise en Histoire de l’Art à Pise, elle a d’abord fait visiter les merveilles toscanes. Après avoir obtenu son diplôme de Guide-conférencière à Perpignan, c’est naturellement qu’elle a décidé de venir faire des visites guidées à Aix-en-Provence que l’on surnomme, entre autres, la Florence Provençale.
Aujourd’hui cette passionnée d’Histoire qui aime raconter des histoires fait partie de l’équipe « Le visible est invisible » et vous fait partager sa vision de la ville et de ses détails. Vous pourrez aussi lui demander de vous accompagner pour une visite privée de Marseille.

Sonia Gonzini

Sonia Gonzini est née près du lac d'Iseo en Italie où elle a commencé à guider des groupes à la découverte des beautés locales. Plus tard, partie à Munich, en Allemagne, elle renouera avec le guidage.
Accompagnatrice et interprète polyglotte, parlant Français, Italien (bien sûr), Allemand et Anglais cette curieuse au caractère joyeux vous parlera d'Aix-en-Provence avec passion et amour.

Annabelle Dousson

Normande de naissance, Annabelle a grandi à Aix-en-Provence et elle garde de cette ville la grâce et la prestance. Après un BTS Tourisme elle se lance dans le guidage, d’abord à Aix-en-Provence puis à Marseille dont elle fait visiter les joyaux à un public exigeant mais conquis.
Annabelle est la dernière arrivée dans l’équipe et sa mission est de vous pour vous faire découvrir Toulon. C’est dans cette perle de la Méditerranée qu’elle est aujourd’hui installée.

My philosophy

There is a little over two years now, I asked myself what I liked, what I wanted to do and I said that sharing is the most beautiful thing there is. The information is not wealth but the share is the most beautiful values​​. I also realized that we do not take the time. Arise, stop along the way was considered a weakness ... in this world where everything beforehand and everything is walking forward. Taking your time has become a luxury. I told myself that I did not know the people around me but I was able to talk with strangers on the other side of the world on my computer.
So I wanted to throw my phone, my computer and everything behind but I changed my mind. I asked myself, I took my time, I interested myself in the people around me in the city I lived and I discovered that I had never opened my eyes to the beauty of the city. So I decided to share my vision, my passion and my discoveries.
It is by sharing that I am rich because I had great meetings, and many warm and my life changed. This adventure started in 2011, I called it "the visible is invisible" and I want to thank the people who support me and make this adventure is great : all people who made my visits (path 1 and path 2), my friends who support me and my wife who supports me in my life everyday with my bazaar full of books, magazines and various papers ...
Do not worry, the experience is not over, it is only the beginning. Remember that you have not seen anything as you did not realize that "the visible is invisible".